Thursday, 27 November 2014

Letter from Sharon to Angela (February)

While new letters are still traveling around the world, let's take a look at some colorful and cheerful letters from our project!

While ago was Circus themed month and Sharon (Scotland) went all out in her letter to Angela (Singapore)! Just look at that splendid envelope with clown stickers! 

Snail mail project We heart mail

The whole letter was inspired by vintage lovely circus, that is visible from letter and all those postcards included in package. Cute illustrations, little kids and smell of cotton candy. Can you smell it? :)

Snail mail project We heart mail

Going on with vintage - this package included some little things for DIYer Angela. That is pattern how to crochet an elephant toy and some colorful sequins. Probably  it was meant to create some outfit for circus elephant! :)

Snail mail project We heart mail

All the fun of the fair!

kisses xx

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