Sunday, 23 November 2014

Letter from Choni to Angela (March)

Once upon a time was a snail mail project called We Heart Mail, which brought a lot of smiles around the world!
Yes, you are right - this letter, sent by Choni (Spain) to Angela (Singapore) brings Fairy tale theme. See pictures of this letter below and enjoy it together with us!

This cute package was made with browns, goldens and blues, giving a vintage touch to the fairy tales theme. And how no... everything tied as a pretty present... 

Letter written on handmade style paper, wrapped in rope with button - this has to be one of letters Romeo sent to Juliet! 

In some fairy tales lives fairies and they decorate their homes with leaf garlands, so Choni sent one of these fairy-garland to Angela. When home is decorated, fairies decorates themselves with cute dresses and wings. Just look at this fairy closed which was included in Choni's package!

We could go on with a lot of lovely letters, but you will need to wait just a little bit more to see next cuteness inspired letter. Be patient and write beautiful letters!

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