Friday, 2 January 2015

Let's keep in touch!

We Heart Mail family wish all our friends and followers Happy New Year!
May it bring a lot of colorful and lovely mails! 

As promised earlier, we will continue our project on 2015 too! Please, stay tuned and soon you will hear more. This year our rules are a little bit different, but it still will be all about lovely letters!
Feel free to leave your email below to be sure you don't miss the application period!

Monday, 15 December 2014

Letter from Kim to Yoo-Jin (April)

One of the greatest months of our project was April, when we all sent Tasty treats themed letters. This one is made by Kim (Netherlands) and sent to Yoo-Jin(Germany)
Tasty sweets, ribbons in the typical Dutch colors, ink for dyeing eggs(Easter were coming close), a Dutch recipe and beautiful stationary - that all fitted in one mail!

Yoo-Jin told us this: "She's sent me such a cute package! I loved the decoration of the parcel so much!" You can step by Yoo-Jin's blog to find out more about this and other letters here!

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Letter from Choni to Zane (April)

In our project since the very first sent letter it' not only about letter. We Heart Mail is about something more - about making someone happy. Letter from Choni (Spain) to Zane (Latvia) was on of those happy mails for sure!
Zane told us that it was hard to open and not to open this package at the same time - so nice wrapping and so huge urge to see what's inside...

One color scheme, everything so neat... Theme was tasty treats for this letter and the lip balm inside little cupcake on the right side for sure is tasty!

Zane is big fan of this kind of epoxy stickers, so getting the whole sheet of them was like a huge chocolate for a kid!

One of essential things for cooking tasty treats is good recipe. Choni made three fabulous recipe books to keep the best ones always around when needed!

This sweetness filled letter was not last one, stay tuned for next ones!  

Monday, 8 December 2014

Letter from Sara to Monica (April)

If I say UK and something tasty, what is first thing what comes into your mind? Maybe not the very first, but definitely one is tea, right? Our member Sara (UK) sent a tasty themed mail to Monica (Brazil). 
(collage made using Monica's photos)
Amazing, how cute can be one mail - dollies, tea pots and cups, pale pink color.... Perfect!

See you after tea break!  :)

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Letter from Monica to Choni (April)

Sometimes one single box or envelope can bring such a happiness to another person, maybe even to a person you have never met in your life. This is beauty of snail mail and projects like We Heart Mail! As this simple box (ok, it's not just a regular box, look at those stickers and washi tape) from Monica (Brazil) made and sent to Europe - Choni (Spain).

Don't you agree with us- this looks like treasure box! So many and so different things! 

Indeed - not only letter, but sweets and stickers and gift tags and even dolls! How great is this! Choni for sure is happy for all these goodies she can enjoy by herself or use to make happy others by her crafts!
Want to make someone happy by your letter? Don't miss applying to We Heart Mail 2015! More info will be published on blog as well!

Saturday, 6 December 2014

Letter from Kim to Monica (May)

Flowers, flowers, flowers! That is main topic to letter Kim (Netherlands) sent to Monica (Brazil). Monica even made these ultra colorful collage as basic using photos of all those goodies she received from Kim.

Can you spot all those flower and sweet inspired things from package?

Friday, 5 December 2014

Letter from Choni to Sara (June)

Some time ago we showed you cute travel inspired mail so today we want to share with you another one lovely letter with lot of maps - sent by Choni (Spain) to Sara (UK)!

Sometimes it's quite hard to realize where lives your pen pal, so Choni made sure that Sara knows from where comes this lovely mail - isn't it lovely idea to use a map and mark your town there?

We don't have information about that,but looks like Choni has used the whole Europe atlas to create these little things - here you can see gift tags and notebook.

Overview of all Choni goodies sent to Sara, including cute garland which says - My Trip!
Ps. did you spotted the background of these photos? It's a vintage suitcase from Sara's collection!

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