Thursday, 13 February 2014

Letter from Sharon to Liliana (January)

This is the pretty letter Liliana (West Yorkshire - United Kingdom) received from Sharon (Scotland) - you can read more on what she made and included in her parcel here at the little cloud studio  x Here is what Liliana says about her parcel:
Y esta es la preciosa carta que Liliana (WestYorkshire - Reino Unido) ha recibido de Sharon the little cloud studio (Escocia)... Aquí tenéis lo que Liliana dice:

"Well for a start it was really wonderful to get this cute package in the mail box. So well prepared and decorated.
"Para empezar, fue maravilloso encontrar un paquete tan bonito en el buzón. Tan bien preparado y decorado.

The first thing I did was to read the little letter attached to the items and I was going along I was opening all the little packages one by one with a huge grin on my face.
Lo primero que hice fue leer la pequeña carta pegada a los sobres y según iba avanzando, iba abriendo los pequeños paquetes uno a uno con una enorme sonrisa en la cara.

I just love the way she was so careful with the preparation of it and I am so grateful and pleased with everything she sent me"
Me ha gustado mucho la forma en la que ha preparado todo y el cuidado que ha puesto. Así que estoy muy agradecida y encantado con todo lo que me ha enviado.



  1. This is so wonderful letter that I start to feel ashamed of letters I have sent out - Sharon has made a stunning work! Love it!

  2. Awww no no no Akwiinas :) we are all good in this... what matters the most is the smile of what a happy letter can bring to us :)
    Thank you Sharon :) I loved it! xxx

  3. Thank you so much girls for your kind words - all of the work you put together is beautiful and makes us all happy. I am very pleased this has brought a smile to you all xxx