Sunday, 14 December 2014

Letter from Choni to Zane (April)

In our project since the very first sent letter it' not only about letter. We Heart Mail is about something more - about making someone happy. Letter from Choni (Spain) to Zane (Latvia) was on of those happy mails for sure!
Zane told us that it was hard to open and not to open this package at the same time - so nice wrapping and so huge urge to see what's inside...

One color scheme, everything so neat... Theme was tasty treats for this letter and the lip balm inside little cupcake on the right side for sure is tasty!

Zane is big fan of this kind of epoxy stickers, so getting the whole sheet of them was like a huge chocolate for a kid!

One of essential things for cooking tasty treats is good recipe. Choni made three fabulous recipe books to keep the best ones always around when needed!

This sweetness filled letter was not last one, stay tuned for next ones!  

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