Sunday, 2 March 2014

Letter from Hila to Yoo-Jin (February)

Yoo-Jin (Germany) got this letter in the post from Hila (Israel), here is what she says... I received a beautiful love themed snail mail from Hila! It was full of wonderful and pretty things.
Yoo-Jin (Alemania) recibió esta carta de Hila (Israel), y aquí os dejamos lo que Yoo-Jin nos cuenta:
Recibí de Hila una preciosa carta con el amor como tema principal. Estaba llena de cosas bonitas y maravillosas.

A super cute pet cloud for me to love :D, heart washi tape samples, a lovely letter, a Hebrew love song with translation (so beautiful - I loved the idea)
Una mascota monísima con forma de nube para adoptar y querer  :D, washi tape de corazones, una carta preciosa, una canción de amor hebrea con su traducción (qué bonita... ¡me ha encantado la idea!)...

...a little self-made book for love notes (so pretty!), a lot of hearts, love stamps and other love-based snippets.
Un pequeño cuaderno hecho a mano para notas de amor (tan coqueto), un montón de corazones, sellos de amor y unos recortes muy amorosos.

Thank you, Hila, for this wonderful snail mail! I loved every single detail of it!
¡Gracias Hila, por esta carta tan maravillosa! Me ha encantado cada pequeño detalle.


  1. Oh! Hila! I'm in love with every detail you've included!!!
    You've done a really good job! So pretty and lovely!!!

  2. Thanks again, Hila! I was so happy to receive this beautiful letter in my mailbox. :D

    1. I'm very happy that you liked it :) I had a great time making it for you.

  3. Hila beautiful work - well done - its perfect x